Saltwater Minnow Traps | Gee's G-40

Numerous names, one great trap!

I have heard bull minnows called just about anything from mud minnows, bull head minnows, bull heads, killifish and mudfish. No matter what you call them, they are one heck of a saltwater bait! We sell the minnows for $2.00 a dozen but if you can’t make it to Wilcox you can easily catch your own with the right traps. 

I’ve always had the best luck with the Gee’s G-40 galvanized steel minnow traps. They appear to catch more bull minnows than any other trap.  Other anglers have said that the flash of the galvanized steel of the Gee’s traps attracts fish better than ones that are vinyl coated.  After using both types, I would agree.

With just a few traps, a moving tide (preferably outgoing), and a properly placed trap you should be able to catch more bait than you would ever need for a days worth of fishing. When looking for spots to trap, look for structure or pockets on the river bottom that will hold minnows as the tide goes out. When baiting the trap I have found that dry dog food, pieces of chicken, or crushed crabs all work well. 

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