Guide to Buying a Gun in Virginia: Eligibility and Identification

Thinking about buying a handgun in Virginia but confused about what you need exactly? Here's an easy buying guide!

The minimum age in Virginia to purchase a gun is 18 for long guns or 21 for handguns. Long guns include weapons such as rifles or shotguns while handguns are pistols and revolvers. Purchasers of long guns may be non-residents while only Virginia residents can buy handguns. Residency exceptions extend to active duty military stationed in Virginia when a military ID card is paired with a copy of permanent duty orders showing a Virginia base. 

Two forms of identification are required to purchase a gun. The first form required is considered your "primary identification." For most people this is a state driver's license or identification card. For a handgun purchase, the primary identification must show Virginia residency (and age 21+) or be a military ID card with the orders as mentioned previously.

A "secondary identification" needs to show the same address as the primary ID.  This could be documents such as a car registration, previously valid hunting or fishing license, concealed weapons permit, or a utility bill. 

After the appropriate forms of ID are displayed, the purchaser must pass the Virginia State Police Background Check. The individuals information is submitted electronically using an online database. Response from the state may take anywhere from minutes to a day or two and will confirm eligibility or ineligibility to purchase the weapon. 

If you are uncertain about your eligibility to purchase a gun in Virginia, visit the Virginia State Police's website that addresses all the legal requirements that must be met.

If you have any other questions on purchasing a gun feel free to comment and we will respond as quick as possible.