2014 New Mission Bow Colors

If you haven't already heard, Mission bows are made by Mathews and offer high performance without the hefty price tag. This year Mission expanded their color options and patterns to select bows and people are loving it! One new pattern is called the "splash" and it comes in white, pink, orange, and green colors.

Other new patterns include are the blue gator and black scale. These new options extend to the Riot, Craze, and Menace models. In addition, the Mission Flare is offered in pink sparkle. This has been very popular among woman archers already. 

The Riot, Craze, and Menace are among our best sellers here at Wilcox Bait and Tackle. We are excited for the increase in color options for our customers. Features of these bows include huge draw length and poundage adjustability so they can fit virtually anyone. We generally recommend the Riot or Craze to adult men or growing boys because they have 70 pound draw weight maximums, meaning they could potentially use this bow their entire life! In comparison, the Menace goes up to 52 pounds and is a lighter mass weight bows so we recommend it for women or children. 

In addition, special colors can also be incorporated into your strings and cables. The camo and black colors are still available. Come in and see for yourself some of the new colors and patterns on the Mission bows.