How to Determine Bow String Length on a Recurve Bow

Figuring out the ideal string length for your recurve or longbow is easier than you might think. First, look on the bow itself. Sometimes there is writing on the bottom limb or on the side of the riser. A typical writing might read, "58"/30#". This means that you have a 58 inch bow from tip to tip and a poundage of 30 at a 28" draw length. Since the length of the bow is 58 inches you would need a 58" AMO bowstring. However, AMO measurements have actual string lengths that are  4 inches less. Therefore, your 58" AMO string is really only 54". This is important to remember as some places make you order the string based upon the actual length and not the AMO.


If the bow doesn't have its specifications somewhere on the bow, you simply have to measure it. This should be done by physically measuring the bow from tip to tip (see picture below) with a tape measurer. If the bow is 60 inches than you need to get a 60 AMO bowstring. 


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