Quality Archery Accessory Package: Look No Further!

Have you been on the hunt for a great archery accessory package but disappointed by the quality of some of the pre-made packages that are out there? We've got a solution for you. We have put together some of our favorite archery accessories by some of the best manufacturers in archery and have bundled it into a great package making you ready to hunt after buying. 

Our full setup comes with a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, TruGlo Carbon XS 4-Pin Sight, Kwikee Kwiver 4-Arrow Quiver. TruGlo Deadenator Stabilizer, LocOutdoorz Stiffy Sling and Fletcher 3/16 Peep. After buying this package, you have everything you need to get out hunting or target shooting. If you are looking for quality products at an affordable price, this is the package for you. A $175 value!

The Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit is a full containment arrow rest. Never again will your arrow fall off the rest at full-draw. It designed for use with both left and right handed bows. Comes in medium size to fit most carbon and select aluminum shafts. 

The TruGlo Carbon XS 4-Pin Sight is made of carbon fiber making this sight both lightweight and durable. Ultra-bright fiber optic technology. Tru-Touch Soft Feel Technical Coating dampens vibration while shooting for a quiet hunt. Includes push button LED light. 

Kwikee Kwiver 4-Arrow Quiver has a quick detach bracket to allow quick removal. Easily mounts to any compound bow riser or sight. Double gripper feature holds arrows securely with field points, expandable or fixed blade broad heads. USA made. 

The TruGlo Deadenator Stabilizer is designed to fit all bows. Engineered perfectly for target or hunting bows to absorb vibration and noise. Comes with Tru-Touch Soft Feel. 4” 

LocOutdoorz Stiffy Sling attaches securely with stabilizer. Helps bow form by allowing you to avoid over-gripping. Universal size and handedness. Made of durable nylon braid. 

Fletcher 3/16 Peep helps you align sight pins on target for accurate shooting. 

This is a great package for those looking to get out there and hunt immediately. We take the guesswork out of buying great accessories.