2014 Mission Crossbows: MXB-400 & MXB-Dagger

Mission Archery made their debut in crossbows last year with the MXB series. The performance and craftsmanship of these bows showed that Mission is capable of engineering both industry leading compounds as well as crossbows. 

New for this year, Mission is releasing two more crossbows called the MXB-400 and the MXB-Dagger. The MXB-400 is screaming fast with speeds that exceed 400 feet per second.  Unlike previous speed bows, it is incredibly lightweight at only 6.55 pounds and is expected to have a well balanced frame like the previous MXB's.

The MXB-Dagger looks to be an excitingly unique bow. It is remarkably compact with a 30" total length and a 10" power stroke. Yet, it still reaches 340 feet per second! In addition, it weighs only a mere 6.33 pounds. This bow appears to be designed to fit all the needs of today's hunters. 

We can't wait to get these models in at the store to let everyone see and shoot these bows for themselves.