Hottest Bows of 2014: Mathews Creed XS + Parker Centerfire

The Bows of 2014

The hype of the hottest bows always starts around this time of the year. It's the time when the major names like Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech, Parker, and Mission launch their new line of bows & crossbows. Hunters can't take the anticipation. They want to know which bow will be the smoothest, fastest, or most accurate bow on the market. Plainly put, they want to know what bow will give them the ultimate edge for next hunting season. A few of us here at Wilcox Bait & Tackle have been lucky enough to go to the major archery trade shows of 2014 and have been able to hear all about and even shoot many of the new 2014 bows. After seeing and shooting most of what  there is to offer, we have some predictions about what will be the best compound and crossbow of 2014. 

Compound- There are a lot of new and exciting compound bows for 2014. With bows like the Hoyt Carbon Spyder, Faktor 30, Elite Energy 32, Bear Venue, and many more, this decision was time consuming. However, after test shooting all the bows that have been shipped to this point and discussing with staff, sales representatives, and customers who test shot the bows, the Mathews Creed XS is predicted to be our best bow for 2014. With the Creed XS, smoothness and accuracy is the name of the game. It has the SimPlex Cam System which enables it to be the most efficient and smoothest Mathews bow ever made. It has an axle to axle length of 28" which is a whole 2" shorter than the 2013 Creed. In addition, the brace height increased up to 7.5" allowing it to be extremely forgiving even with a less than perfect shot. With its Dead End Lite String Stop, this bow is remarkably quiet. We have this bow, along with many other great 2014 bows, all here at Wilcox Bait & Tackle. We encourage you to test shoot a few and make your own prediction! 

New for 2014, the Mathews® Creed XS™ features a compact profile with the forgiveness and accuracy serious bowhunters demand. Powered by the industry leading SimPlex™ Single Cam technology, the Creed XS™ not only has a super smooth draw cycle, but provides tack driving accuracy and a rock solid back-wall for shot-to-shot consistency.

Crossbow- This was an easy choice for me. Although there are many new and great crossbows this year, the Parker Centerfire stands out. At 335 feet per second and only 8 pounds mass weight, the bow appears to be a cross between our two favorites from last year, the Parker Thunderhawk and Tornado F4. The new Centerfire has many of the the same high end features as the F4 with the Vented Forearm, factory installed dual string suppressors, and soft touch finish. In addition, Parker managed to decrease the axle to axle down to 18"; the shortest ever seen before in a Parker Crossbow.This makes it an ultimate hunting weapon with the compact and lightweight features similar to the Thunderhawk. Not to mention all the other benefits that goes along with a Parker such as  the lifetime warranty, anti-dry fire G2 trigger, and the quality of a made in USA crossbow. We expect this bow to be the must have crossbow of 2014. The Parker Centerfire is here! Feel free to come in and give this bow a test drive to see what you think.


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